Prostate Health Month (PHM) is celebrated each year in September. The month offers an opportunity for men, women, and families to get involved in local and national events and learn more about prostate-related diseases. September is also Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, which allows for a special focus on the number one diagnosed cancer in men. In this toolkit, you will find a combination of Prostate Health Month and Prostate Cancer Awareness Month messaging.

Toolkit outline:

  • Sample Twitter and Facebook posts
  • Sample Twitter and Facebook cover photos
  • A prostate cancer infographic
  • Social media graphics
  • Prostate Health Month Twitter chat details
  • A sample Prostate Cancer Awareness Month proclamation to be sent to local and state governments

Dear Advocate,

Let me start off by thanking you for your willingness to get involved in this crucial awareness period. September is a very important month, not only for Men’s Health Network but for hundreds of thousands of men, women, and families across the country. It offers a time to remember loved ones lost to prostate cancer, but it is also a time to re-energize as we continue the fight for a cure. Furthermore, as a nation can unite under the goal of increasing awareness and prevention for all prostate-related diseases.

As an advocate, you have the special opportunity to change the lives of the men in your community. I commend you for the work you do and encourage you to continue. The smallest gestures, such as dropping off a brochure or encouraging a male loved one to get screened can have a tremendous impact. It is especially critical that men understand their risk and schedule an appointment with their healthcare provider. Again, I thank you and applaud all that you are doing this Prostate Health Month.

In Good Health,

Ana Fadich-Tomsic
Vice President, Men’s Health Network

Shareable Social Media Content

Below are sample tweets for use by partners before and during Prostate Health Month

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**Please note the sections highlighted in yellow indicate where pictures should be included in the post. Do not copy and paste the highlighted section.


Prostate Health Month hashtags to use: #PCAM22

  • Over 34,000 men die of #ProstateCancer each year. Know your individual risk. #PCAM22 (ATTACH FIGURE 4)
  • Did You Know? BPH (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia) affects more than half of men over age 60. (ATTACH FIGURE 2 or 3)
  • Younger men can have prostate issues too. Prostatitis the most common prostate problem for men under 50.
  • There are great new #prostatecancer diagnostic and treatment options – Find out about your options here
  • African American men & men with a family history of #ProstateCancer are at greater risk. Know your individual risk. #PCAM22 (ATTACH FIGURE 1)
  • Ladies – Prostate health can be a sensitive topic. Encourage your male loved ones to know their risk. #PCAM22
  • Not all forms of #prostatecancer are aggressive and require surgery. Learn more about “active surveillance” for prostate cancer.


  • Listen up. It’s Prostate Health Month! Get checked this September – learn about prostate health here – #PCAM22 (ATTACH FIGURE 1, 2, 3, or 4)
  • Ladies – September is Prostate Health Month. Women are often the ones who get men to go to the doctor for screenings. When was the last time the men in your life got checked? #PCAM22
  • Did you know that not all forms of #prostatecancer are aggressive and require surgery? Learn more about “active surveillance” for prostate cancer. #PCAM22
  • If you’ve been diagnosed with #prostatecancer or know someone who has make sure you get a second opinion about treatment options. #PCAM22
  • Not only is it Prostate Cancer Awareness Month but it’s also Prostate Health Month. Make sure you know your risk for BPH (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia) and Prostatitis. #PCAM22
  • #ProstateCancer is a serious disease that will affect about 250,000 men each year. But, while it is serious it is also treatable if caught early. Make sure you get in and get checked this September for Prostate Cancer Awareness Month. #PCAM22 (ATTACH FIGURE 1)
  • Risk factors for #ProstateCancer include but are not limited to: Age, Race, Family History, Diet, and Exposure to certain chemicals. Make sure you are talking with your doctor and know your risk. #PCAM22


Right-click the figures below and select “save as” to use on social media.

 Figure 1

Figure 2

Figure 3

Figure 4

Cover photos

Below are Facebook & Twitter cover photos and web banners for your website.

Add the Prostate Cancer Awareness Month Twitter and Facebook cover photos to your profiles.



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